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Hi Support I was on your site about a month ago and when I cancelled I did not give this site a good review. Sorry.
I joined and it is rubbish. So I joined your site again. It is the best and I have recommended it to my friends. I have had great conversations on this site - so keep up the good work.

Hi there, delighted to tell you that I met someone off this site the first day I joined, but have had to wait till now for my membership to expire to ask you to delete my profile. So thanking you for my happiness, please delete my profile.
Kind Regards
- Anna

I would like to have my profile permanently deleted and my subscription cancelled.
I have met a lady on The Dating Group and we are now in a relationship.
- Adrian

Hi, Could you please delete my profile and your site has worked for me i've been in a relationship with someone i met off here for a while and all is great.
- Mark

I have started dating a lady through this website and feel that to give the relationship a chance I would like you to remove my profile from it. I have found this website successful and will certainly recommend it to friends.
Many thanks
- Martin