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Welsh women 'more dominant in bed'

Posted on: March 22, 2013 15:17:05

Welsh women A survey breaking stereotypes of 'vanilla' love lives and traditional British awkwardness surrounding the subject of sex aims to reveal exactly what is going on in bedrooms across the country.

Speaking to over 2,000 people about their love lives, the research proved that we're racier than we might have first thought, with most people preferring to spend their evening in bed, rather than at the pub.

According to the findings, we Brits are having sex on a weekly basis, with Saturday being the most popular day to get intimate.

The working week appears to take its toll for many of us, with only five per cent of respondents choosing to have an amorous encounter on a Monday, with things picking up slightly by Tuesday.

It is the northerners who are seeing most of the action, if the results are to be believed, with a quarter of people surveyed claiming they have sex at least once a week, compared to 14 per cent of southerners.

However, it is male UK singles living in Wales who are most likely to be in luck, with the country taking the top spot for the number of women choosing to take charge in the bedroom. As many as 61 per cent of females admitted they prefer to be the dominant one between the sheets.

Blokes in the south are most content with their appearance, the survey found, with as many as 83 per cent admitting they are proud of their 'packages', compared to just 59 per cent of men from the Midlands.

Luckily, these findings contradict a recent survey which suggested that romantic encounters are less than exciting for many couples, even being described as "vanilla" by Thomas O'Connell from

The poll claimed most people were looking for comfort over adventure when it came to sex, with most stating they would be satisfied with just 23 minutes of love making before going straight to sleep.

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