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Dame Helen Mirren: Sex isn't what makes a relationship last

Posted on: January 4, 2013 15:57:22

Dame Helen Mirren: Sex isnDuring dateless days and lonely nights, UK singles might pine for the more romantic elements in life. However, in reality, when you do embark on a relationship, it doesn't always have to be all about grand gestures and pet names.

Every individual is different and even though you and your previous partners may have regularly declared your love to one another and bought extravagant purchases to show how much you cared, it doesn't necessarily mean that you always will find someone like that.

If things just 'feel right' with one another, you enjoy each other's company and are completely relaxed with one another, then who needs the over-the-top gestures for all to see?

In a recent interview with Woman and Home, Helen Mirren admitted her 11-year marriage to her husband is very much a laid-back affair.

The 67-year-old Hollywood actress, who married on New Year's Eve in 1997, admitted that she and Taylor Hackford aren't "remotely romantic".

"We appreciate the lack of romance in the other person. I'd be completely horrified if Taylor gave me a Valentine's card. That's not our sort of relationship at all - we would pour cold water on that sort of thing," she said.

Instead, the pair put the strength of their relationship down to their ability to communicate well.

"Without being corny, we try simply to be considerate to each other every day rather than lavishing each other with gifts," the star added.

Discussing her latest film, in which she plays film director Hitchcock's wife, Dame Mirren says that sex, although important, is not what makes a marriage last.

The movie discusses the sexless relationship between her character Alma Reville and her husband of 53 years.

"I think the power of partnership in marriage is under-recognised in our society. That's what makes marriages work, not sex."

The star of 2006 film The Queen is often regarded as a sex symbol, particularly since a photo emerged of her in a red bikini during a holiday in 2008. 

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