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Are Britons more open to mature dating?

Posted on: June 28, 2010 16:15:40

More Britons are opening themselves up to the possibilities of mature dating by choosing to divorce later on in life, one sector commentator has claimed.

Coach and author at Experience Matters, Keren Smedley, said this trend is being driven by the growing realisation that once they hit 50, people still have many years ahead of them in which to enjoy life.

She added that people may consider divorce if they feel they are in a relationship that is not working after years of raising a family and building a life together.

"Being in a rotten relationship for a number of years causes difficulty both for you and also your family. The other thing I think which is hugely different is that women are much more independent," Ms Smedley explained.

Recent research by the Office for National Statistics revealed that the proportion of the UK population aged 65 or over who are divorced is projected to almost double, rising from eight per cent in 2008 to 15 per cent in 2033.

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